A Will represents your responsibility to your loved ones, ensuring that your estate will be fairly distributed and according to your wishes.
If you die without leaving a valid Will (die ‘intestate’), your estate may not be distributed to your intended beneficiaries.
Your estate encompasses assets such as immoveable property (house, buildings) and moveable assets (car, shares, investments etc).
If you have a Will (die ‘testate’), the appointed Executor will distribute your assets as per your last Will and Testament.
  • A Will goes into effect only upon your demise.
  • Any person above 18 and of sound mind can make a Will.
  • The Executor is the organization or person who will ensure your wishes are being fulfilled to your specifications.
  • The Executor is responsible for carrying out the whole process of your Testate Administration.
  • A well structured Will ensures the interests of your heirs are safeguarded, guaranteed and preserved in a professional manner.
  • A Will allows you to appoint a trustworthy guardian to help protect the welfare and interests of your children especially minors and the disabled after your demise.
AmanahRaya provides Will Services for both Muslims and Non-Muslims.
For Muslims
  • A Will allows you to allocate 1/3 of your assets to any person or organisation of your choice and the remaining 2/3 to your rightful heir(s) under Faraid.
  • In the absence of a Will, the whole of your estate will be distributed according to Faraid or family arrangement.
For Non-Muslims
  • A Will allows you to allocate all your assets to any person or organisation according to your wishes.
  • In the absence of a Will, your estate will be distributed based on the Distribution Act 1958 or family arrangement.
Your choice determines the future of your loved ones.



AmanahRaya as your appointed Executor will administer the estate according to your Will

AmanahRaya to apply Letter of Administration or Grant of Probate

AmanahRaya to distribute the estate according to your Will


Beneficiary(s) need to apply for LA from High Court to appoint Administrator

Beneficiary(s) to seek and compile deceased’s assets information and documentation

Beneficiary(s) to carry out self-investigation on deceased’s assets/debts

Beneficiary(s) to obtain LA from AmanahRaya/Distribution Order from Small Estate Offfice/from High Court

Administrator to realise deceased’s assets and settlement of debts and to prepare a complete Estate Account as per Section 62 Probate and Administration Act 1959

Administrator to distribute assets according to Faraid or Distribution Act 1958 or family arrangement

AmanahRaya’s end to end comprehensive will services

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  • Lifetime custodian
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  • Statutory body empowered to conduct legal proceedings
  • Dispenses with the need to appoint a lawyer
  • Governed by the Public Trust Corporation Act 1995
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