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Integrity and Governance

Upholding unwavering ethical standards, client confidentiality, and transparency to provide utmost assurance and trust for our valued clients.


To actively enhance a culture of professionalism and integrity in AmanahRaya

To prevent the incidence of misconduct and corruption linkages to others.

To ensure AmanahRaya integrity and transparency is sustained in daily practices through elements of honesty, efficiency and trustworthiness.


Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption Policy

Our policy aims to prevent bribery and corruption through the implementation Of strict guidelines and adherence to ethical standards.

Integrity Management & Feedback on Ethics/lntegrity

We have implemented a cornprehensive system for managing integrity and gathering feedback on ethics. ensuring the rnaintenance Of high standards.

Code of Business Ethics

We developed the AmanahRaya Code of Business Ethics to support vision and the five core values we uphold.

Vendor Code of Ethics

Guidelines ensuring ethical conduct and standards for our vendors and business partners.

Corporate Agent Code of Business Ethics

A set Of ethical principles that govern conduct for corporate agents and employees.

No Gift Policy

Our policy prohibits the acceptance or offering of gifts in Order to maintain irnpartiality and integrity.

Whistleblowing Policy

This policy signifies Our commitment to promoting and rnaintaining a high standard of transparency, accountability, ethics, and good corporate governance practices in the workplace.

People Who Are Subject To Our Integrity Plan

All Staff, including AmanahRaya’s subsidiaries

Any person engaged under a contract for services

Any person engaged by the company in any activity