Dr. Khalid bin Abdul Hamid

Non- Independent Non-Executive Director

Dr. Khalid Abdul Hamid was appointed to the Board of Directors of Amanah Raya Berhad on 15 July 2019. He holds a PhD in Economics from University Putra Malaysia in 2011. His vast experience covers areas of research, planning, and economic development, budget preparation, international finance, as well as fiscal management in various ministries including Economic Planning Unit (EPU), and Ministry of Finance. While working at Malaysian Institute of Economic Research (MIER), Dr Khalid published research papers, international articles, and various journals specifically on the issues regarding petroleum subsidy, food chain, economic resource and manufacturing.

One notable research paper by Dr. Khalid was published in 2011 by the Economic Research Institute for ASEAN and East Asia (ERIA) which covered the economic impact of oil price hike on the food industry. Other research papers covered were economic effects from crude oil price increase, rationalisation of oil subsidies, the chain effect and overall impact.

Dr Khalid’s contribution in these areas increased the awareness and understanding of micro economies among government officials, agencies, and local universities. His expertise assisted in the latest methodological research in applying Sistem Dinamik Vensim T21, Compatible General Equilibrium (CGE), and other input- output systems to build policies for the National Development Plan and guidelines for the Economic Planning Unit (EPU).

In collaborating with MIER, Dr. Khalid assisted in the development of the Malaysian model version of CGE Recursive. He was also the lead for the Green Job Project under the Ministry of Human Resources funded by International Labor Organisation (ILO). Other notable projects Dr. Khalid had collaborated in included being the Resource Researcher in the technical team for Minimum Wage Policy to introduce the Minimum Wage Act under the Ministry which was implemented in January 2013.