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“Hibah” refers to an act of gifting assets voluntarily from one person to another during their lifetime out of affection and without any reciprocity.


What is HiBAHKU?

HiBAHKU is an alternative instrument for a Donor to transfer ownership of assets that are encumbrance-free or assets still encumbered by a loan to the Hibah recipient.
The Donor during his/her lifetime can also gift assets that are still encumbered by a loan subject to terms and conditions of the Hibah.

AmanahRaya is appointed as the Representative who manages the Hibah documents before and after the Donor’s demise.


Why Hibah at AmanahRaya

  • HiBAHKU is approved by the Shariah Supervisory Council of AmanahRaya
  • Assurance for the Donor
     The Donor can still receive benefits from the Hibah asset(s) throughout the Donor’s lifetime
  • Asset transfer handled by AmanahRaya
     AmanahRaya will assist in managing the transfer of Hibah asset(s)
  • Assets under Encumbrance
     AmanahRaya offers Hibah services for encumbered asset(s)


Get to know about the easy process of HiBAHKU to ensure a more secure future for your loved ones.


Submission of Application Form and supporting documents for Property Confirmation Fee Payment.


Preparation of Legislative Documents and Refinement of the Marriage Contract
(Ijab and Qabul)


Grant Confirmation Order in the Sharia Court


AmanahRaya manages the transfer of ownership of Gift assets to the Gift Recipient through estate administration procedures after the death of the Grantor.


Individuals of the Islamic faith aged 18 and above, and possessing property for donation.

Alternative instrument for individuals who do not have children
The individual who has daughters only
Couples who have adopted children or stepchildren
Couples who have children with disabilities (OKU)
Couples with joint assets
Individual with assets in trust

Assets That Can Be Granted FOR Hibah

Movable asset(s)

Cars and motorcycles, whether encumbered or not, with full insurance/takaful protection

Specifically for the state of Selangor: Cash savings and unit trusts in financial institutions or banks with the Hibah Recipient as a joint account holder except for ASNB/Tabung Haji savings

Non-movable assets

Asset(s) with or without a mortgage with full MRTA/MRTT protection


Documentation Fee

  • RM 1,500.00.00 for the first asset
  • RM 500.00 for each additional asset

Execution Fee

  • Existing Estate Fee
  • A contribution amount of RM 10.00 from the fees collected by AmanahRaya will be dedicated to the construction and upgrading of mosques and suraus.

Required Documents

Hibahku Application Form
Copy of Donor’s Identification Card
Copy of Recipient's Identification Card
Copy of property ownership documents
Official land title search (if applicable)

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