Will Services FAQ
1. What are the advantages of creating a Will with AmanahRaya over the rest?
AmanahRaya is a government-owned trustee company with vast expertise in this field. From writing to custodian to executorship, our brand is specialised in the delivery of premium Will solutions and has remained in service to the community for more than 90 years.
2. How much will it cost to write a Will with AmanahRaya if I own more than one asset?
Regardless of the number of assets involved, the fee for writing a Will with AmanahRaya is RM500 for Basic Will and RM1,200 for Comprehensive Will and this includes Will-writing as well as custodianship of the Will.
3. What are the types of assets that can be bequest in a Will?
A bequest by Will can be made up of both movable and immovable assets. Movable assets include but are not limited to bank accounts, stocks, vehicles, gold, insurance, and business shares. Key examples of immovable assets include land, property and building.
4. How much is the custodian fee if the Will is prepared by third party but kept at AmanahRaya?
AmanahRaya charges a single lifetime fee of RM400 for Wills where AmanahRaya is appointed as Executor / Trustee and RM600 for Wills where any other party is appointed as Executor / Trustee.
5. Can I write a Will if my debts and liabilities exceed the value of my assets?
Yes, you can.
6. I have several bank accounts. How do I pay the fees required for my Wills Online registration?
The payment of the fees due for an online application can only be made electronically via a Maybank2u account.
7. What is the next step after completing the online Will registration process?
After registration AmanahRaya will prepare a draft of the Will and if agreeable to its contents, the client can set an appointment to sign it at any AmanahRaya offices nationwide. Clients must provide the necessary supporting documents such as a copy of the testator’s and beneficiaries’ identification card as well as copies of all asset-related documents. Alternatively, the Will can be signed remotely in the presence of two witnesses who meet the criteria of said function.
8. What is the purpose of the AmanahRaya Will Card?
The card proves that a person has a Will with AmanahRaya.
9. Are additional charges incurred each time an amendment is introduced to a Will?
A minimal rate of RM150 shall be charged for each amendment. The rate may be reviewed depending on the complexity of the Will.
10. Would a Will created by me before marriage still be considered valid if it hasn’t been updated since the commencement of my nuptials?
For Muslims, the validity of the original Will remains unscathed until a new Will is created by the testator. For non-Muslims, a Will written before marriage is rendered null and void upon marriage.
11. Can AmanahRaya be named administrator if a Will was drafted by an external party like an attorney or a different trustee company?
AmanahRaya can be named as Executor.
12. How long does it take to prepare a draft for a Comprehensive Will?
7 days from receiving a complete application
13. How long does it take to prepare a draft for Will amendments?
14 days from receiving a complete application